Laura Hietaranta, Management and Coaching agreement with PirpaVita Oy
A PirpaVita Article, published January 16, 2023
Keywords: Coaching agreement, Cooperation, Erik Hakkarainen, Hubb Tennis Club, Laura Hietaranta, Management agreement, National Tennis Coaching Centre, PirpaVita, Tali Tennis.

During her junior years, Hietaranta was successfully steered forward by Erik Hakkarainen. Porsche Junior Team Finland’s top player in recent years has now turned professional.

“Training at the National Tennis Coaching Centre in Tali and working with Erik enabled me to have a successful junior career and progress towards the professional courts. I would like to thank Erik for his many years of cooperation. From the first international junior competitions all the way to the women’s professional competitions, we have collaborated and created a good foundation for me to pursue my own dreams in tennis.

PirpaVita Oy and the international cooperation enables will accelerate Laura’s professional career.

– Laura’s professional attitude to her internship has also paid special attention abroad, said Pirpa Takki, founder of PirpaVita Oy.

Takki takes responsibility for Hietaranta’s off court training and management. In terms of tennis, Hietaranta’s base will be the new club starting in Dubai, Hubb Tennis Club. 

Wimbledon girls’ doubles final. Two-time singles semi-finalist of the unofficial Junior World Cup, the Orange Bowl. Career-best junior world ranking of 26.

Junior games have created excellent setups for starting a professional career for the Lappeenranta-born Hietaranta. There was a slight setback at the beginning of the year with the injury, but after recovering to playing form, the track record has been convincing. During the summer and early autumn, Hietaranta won two singles and three professional doubles ITF tournaments. The Finnish player is now ranked 632 in singles and 810 in doubles.

“My junior years have accumulated unforgettable experiences and many good memories. I have enjoyed playing on the international stage and in juniors playing Grand Slams, the idea became clear that I want to do this on the women’s side as well. Success on the junior tour brings faith in the future. The transition to professional competitions has gone smoothly so far and the first professional races have been won, which was the goal for this year. This is a good way to continue one step at a time towards bigger races, comments Hietaranta.

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