The PirpaVita approach works and has a main focus on the neural stage of the human body in order to eliminate and prevent compensatory movements developed by the brain during acute phase of pain, lack of mobility and lack of strength or both. 


The approach combines physiotherapeutic ASSESSMENT with gait and sport-specific biomechanical analysis to create the individual training and treatment program for each person with a series of holistic input targeting the overall functional movement of the body.


Physiotherapy treatment, physical training and task-specific training all together form the effective combination of ACTIONS to improve the performance and strengthen the body. It is all about keeping you going and performing while building a stronger body with the ability to adapt to multiple situations.

The use of gait analysis in athletes as an assessment tool is always based on the goal of helping the athlete achieve the best possible performance in their sport. The compensatory movements seen in gait are automatically repeated in more demanding tasks, errors and adaptation reveal muscle weaknesses and tensions in the athlete’s body. Walking serves as the mapping for dynamic posture. Walking is a basic movement that shows a person’s way of using their body. The steps are also repeated thousands of times during the day, so the changes made in it will produce faster progress than the single exercises alone. 


In the PirpaVita approach, Gait analysis is implemented with sport-specific biomechanical analysis targeted at the athlete’s performance. This analysis scientifically points out and highlights the most important and crucial spot to work on. Showing the order in which the compensatory movements are executed. For this part the co-operation with the sport-specific coaches is important since adjustments are applied simultaneously on and off the court.


The physiotherapeutic assessment is a tool for further reasoning and gives the individual details about the constraint created by the compensatory movements. With the combination of these effective assessment tools the individual plan is made realistically basing it on both the goal and the present moment. 


Physiotherapy treatment, physical and sport-specific training all together form the effective combination to improve the performance and strengthen the body. Biomechanical screening is present every day during the practices, and the individual program of exercises and treatment varies based on the athlete’s need. The athlete is brought to safely perform the training trusting and knowing the plan and the program. Progress comes through persistent every day effort put in with reasonable planning based on the science and evidence.