PirpaVita manages the programming of HVS tennis competitive juniors’ physical training 
A PirpaVita Article, published January 17, 2023
Keywords: Hanna Leveelahti, HVS Tennis, Jaana Mäkelä, Minna Marlo, PirpaVita, Riikka Sinkko, Tali Tennis Center.
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From the August 2022 on, PirpaVita will be managing HVS’s, the Tali Tennis center based Tennis club,  competitive juniors’ physical training program. Previously, the training of competitive players was divided into several operators, last season there were three in total. However, the aim was to make the program clear and long-term with an entity implemented by one operator. Pirpa wants to bring the idea for the players about the training as a one entity without distinguishing between training on and off the court.

The physical training programm consists of individual assesments, general testing protocol and weekly group trainings. Players are also guided according to their age and level in their individual physical training, which is made possible through individual assesments. In addition, the cooperation between tennis and physical coaches is an important part of the entity.

In addition to Pirpa, the players will be coached by Jaana Mäkelä, who has a strong background in coaching in different sports and physiotherapy. Jaana’s own sporting background is in professional ballet dance and skiing. The coaching team is reinforced by Hanna Leveelahti, Riikka Sinkko and Minna Marlo.

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